Everything was bagged, wrapped and covered systematically; not a mark or scratch on anything...

They took care of absolutely everything from dismantling large items to sheathing large mirrors, TV's etc.

..the guys were so gentle with our possessions, wrapping everything. They packed in two days what would have taken us three weeks or more. When we arrived they even rebuilt our beds. We didn't have to lift a finger......apart from make the tea.

Packing Advice

We offer full packing assistance and will help you wrap and protect everything - your heirlooms, mirrors, artwork, etc.

We strongly recommend you use our boxes for your packing, they are tri-wall cardboard construction and come in two standard sizes for easy stacking and storage. They are extremely substantial and we supply them free of charge. You possessions are far safer in these boxes than in any other type of container.

Packing and wrapping is not a difficult task but has to be done right. For example, we wrap mirrors and artwork in heavy blanket material often reinforced with clingfilm and parcel tape - great care is taken.

Specialist covers are used for 3-piece suites and various specialist garment boxes are used for wardrobed clothes that you wish to leave on hangars.

Packing fine china with layers of quality paper and
then carefully placed into tri-wall boxes
Suites may have to be be disassembled and reassembled; they will also be protected with our heavy-duty covers.
Careful moving of bedroom furniture is always taken, especially with unusual staircases.

"Let's Move It"

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